He also said bureau personnel will tend to whatever needs the

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replica bags korea Little said after joy replica bags review life saving efforts were performed on the scene, the two victims were rushed to Lancaster General Hospital, where they later died.Lydia and Jose Montes, both 59, were identified as victims of a fatal fire in Lancaster on Thursday morning. (Photo provided by family member.)The victims replica bags paypal are identified as Lydia and Jose Montes, both 59.Little said they are the aunt and uncle of one of Lancaster City’s firefighters, who was off duty at the time of the incident.”The first thing is, obviously, taking care of our own. Making sure he has the right resources to get through a difficult time and know that we support him and his family and we’re here for them,” said Little.He also said bureau personnel will tend to whatever needs the fire fighter may have.Also, county crisis intervention teams met with fire fighters who were on replica bags in dubai the scene of the incident Thursday morning.Little said that’s when they found out the victims were relatives of one of their own.”It’s always difficult for firefighters to see outcomes like this when you gave it everything you had,” said Little.After speaking with the victim’s nephew, he described them as “always full of life. replica bags korea

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