The most recent consensus of models is that this track will run

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replica hermes belt uk Up until this after noon it had been predicted to hit almost dead center.So I suggest everyone keep an eye on this thing for any major surprises.Although Irma will undergo minor ups and downs in strength through Saturday, Irma’s trek over the extremely warm waters of the Florida Strait on Saturday night may give it a final upward bump in intensity.The National Hurricane Center predicted in its 5 PM EDT Friday update that Irma will approach the Florida Keys as a Category 5 storm early Sunday before making landfall Sunday afternoon along the far southwest coast of Florida.Irma represents an extreme danger to much of Southern Florida, as well as portions of northern Cuba and the southernmost Bahama Islands.If you live by the coast in an area that that been ordered to evacuate due to storm surge, get out now if you can safely replica hermes h belt do so.The Florida Keys and Southwest Florida will take the full force of the storm, with Category the best replica hermes birkin bags 4 winds driving a life threatening storm surge of 8 12 feet.Although Irma is expected to track closer to the west coast of Florida than the east coast, Category 1 winds will potentially affect the east coast of Florida from Miami to West Palm Beach, and winds at hermes replica belt buckle or near hurricane force may extend northward across the central peninsula to the hermes belt 42mm replica Orlando area (Figure 1.)Dangerous storm surges will affect the entire east coast of Florida, and well as Georgia and South Carolina.NHC had not yet issued a storm surge watch for the coasts of northern Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina as of 5 pm EDT Friday, but I expect the surge will be at least 3 5 feet in much of this region, which is lower than the 4 8 foot levels observed last October during Hurricane hermes replica bags Matthew.If you are in a mandated evacuation zone, evacuate.These zones are created for a reason, and Irma is not a storm to be toyed with. Irma will be tracking north northwest along the length of the Florida peninsula.The most recent consensus of models is that this track will run inland along the west side of the Florida peninsula from south to north, although it could end up just offshore or farther inland.There are no recent replica hermes wallet precedents for Irma’s expected north northwest track. The best analog would be Hurricane Cleo (1964), which took a similar NNW track along the eastern peninsula.Cleo was a much weaker storm than Irma, though: it weakened from a Cat 2 at landfall near Miami to a tropical storm near Savannah, GA.Hurricane Donna (1960) traveled over land from the SW to NE sides of the peninsula: Donna was a Cat 4 near Marathon and still a Cat 1 when it moved back offshore at Daytona Beach.The highest risk for the worst winds is in South Florida.The very strongest winds will be in the eyewall, especially just east of Irma’s center as it moves north.If Irma comes inland across far southwest Florida, it may pass directly over Naples, and the eyewall will extend across the Everglades and perhaps as far as portions of Miami.Winds will be stronger at the upper stories of high rise buildings, up to a full category above surface level speeds.We can expect many windows in the Miami area that are not up to current code to hermes shoes replica india be blown out.Only a slight eastward departure in track could bring the core of the most dangerous winds to the Miami area.. replica hermes belt uk

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