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canada goose The fact in question has to do with the Early Intervention System (EIS) the LRPD used or at least was supposed to use to flag problem police officers. Early warning systems like EIS issue an alert each time an officer exceeds a preset threshold in one of several categories, such as use of force incidents, citizen complaints, tardiness, use of sick leave and so on. Studies have shown that, used properly, these systems are pretty good at predicting things like civil rights abuses and unjustified shootings. canada goose

canada goose uk black friday SHARP SHOOTERS: Five advanced cameras reviewedBIG CAMERA: Nokia puts a 41 megapixel camera inside a phoneProcessing, delivering, and storing that many megapixels delivers challenges, though. We put the 5DS through its paces to determine whether the choice of greater resolution is clear.Canon entry to the big megapixel brigade was a considered one, with rumours of a multiple megapixel boost chasing the company for years.Weather ready.The 5DS effective 50.2 megapixel resolution is a 28.1 megapixel jump over its three year old predecessor, the 5D Mark III, and should appeal to landscape photographers who crave fine details, and anyone shooting a wedding or studio portraiture.What does this megapixel boost really mean? Photos from the Canon 5DS are enormous each 14 bit RAW file weighs in at more than 65 megabytes but they also deliver unprecedented detail. You could crop a full resolution photo from this camera several times, and create several crisp individual photographs from just one image, if the focus is right.In a more likely scenario, you could crop a photo in just about any way you pleased, omitting distracting details, and retain a printable photograph.You could also print a 10×15 inch (25.4cm x 38.1cm) photo at 600 dots per inch from one of this camera photos, or print a poster at 300 dpi.Naturally, wrangling photos of this size presents challenges but Canon rises to meet them.Photographers might be surprised at just how fast the 5DS operates given its resolution, and much of the credit is due to its dual processors.Familiar navigation.Canon also endeavours to eliminate shake from this camera, which will be more evident given its greater resolution canada goose uk black friday.

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