It was the first place I truly saw myself

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will ever wan me if they can have me all to themself. a slut. am I never satisfied? partner should be good enough. not really polyam. I just selfish. not really polyam. I need to learn to be happy with monogamy. not canada goose outlets uk really polyam. I must be lying to myself. other partners are cooler. Why do they need me? not as hot as their other partners. I bet they love them more. partners don really love me. partners love each other more than they love me. canada goose outlet winnipeg they will leave me to be monogamous. never have a family. never get married. don deserve more partners. don deserve this many partners. greedy. just a cheater. out for when you saying these things to yourself. They examples of internalized anti polyamory and they aren true. They things that society tells us because they are intimidated by us. canada goose black friday sale Don be your own enemy. Try to unlearn these. Practice phrases like.will have love. am polyamorous enough. partners love me. deserve good things. is good. change. Things get canada goose black friday vancouver better. am proud to be polyamorous. know myself. I trust myself. Sense8 is everything I ever wanted in art form. canada goose outlet No TV show, no movie, no song, no picture could ever make me feel the way Sense8 made me feel. It was the first place I truly saw myself. It was the first place canada goose vest uk I saw where I could actually belong. It everything I love canada goose parka uk and want in life. It transcended trivial social constraints and barriers and showed us what canada goose hybridge uk raw, unfiltered love and human connection looks like. We spend so much time thinking about what we should be, how we should act, how we must project ourselves to the world that we cheap canada goose jackets toronto forget to just be who we are and to love how we want to love. There is absolutely no reason a husband and wife can not take on a male lover or that two gay men can not form a mental and emotional bond with a woman that can be nonsexual or sexual in some instances. Sexuality is fluid, cheap canada goose womens jackets human beings are fluid. We are never just ONE THING. I will carry the lessons Sense 8 has taught me through life, and I hope one day, I can look up and realize that I have finally found my cluster. I sex repulsed. I have trauma involving k!nk. Get the fuck off my blog if your life revolves around being turned on by weird shit. I don care what you get off to, but I don want to see it. Also, you not exactly helping the whole isn dirty thing. You know, the point of this post? Yeah. Fuck off.Eyes Split canada goose outlet woodbury Eyes; Your left eye is the colour of your soulmates usually in a sectoral heterochromia style (one colour may be larger, it dependent on when you meet) See Only; You only see colours that match your soulmates eye colours, then regain a select amount of colours after you meet each one See No; You only see in black canada goose outlet and white until you meet your soulmates, in which you will regain canada goose coats on sale ability to see only their eye colour range until you found all of your soulmatesHead Strand Of Fate; Your bangs contain a section of hair matching you soulmates (Optional: they change with length and/or colour when they alter their hair. May include textures too) Chorus; If one of your soulmates is singing, you can hear them in your head. Unfortunately, sometimes your soulmates might not have the same soulmates as you/be canada goose garson vest uk monogamous, canada goose victoria uk which can create an issue with hearing musicSkin I Draw, I See; Where ever your soulmates draw on their skin, it appears on yours in a monochromatic way Temperature Range; Parts of your body grow warm or cold the closer you are to meeting one or more canada goose outlet mississauga of your soulmates for the first time (Optional: these places are marked with birthmarks shaped like hearts or another print) Time Watching; Your wrists have dates on them, marking each time you meet a soulmate for the first time Time Telling; Moving tattoos count down to the times you meet each soulmate. When you meet them, the tattoo is replaced with another time Time Waiting; A set of tattoo like compasses sit on your wrist and forearms, pointing in the general direction of a soulmate (Optional: Each compass is monochromatic and/or contains your soulmate full name on the arrow)Y’all are cowardsSo many people are against Ralagang (Rajan/Kala/Wolfgang). You guys already get your monogamous relationships (Nomi/Amanita, Riley/Will, etc.) Can y’all just let the polyam folks have this? Polyamorous representation is so rare to come by and Ralagang is just so cute and in love! Y’all just want to be salty because Kala didn /just/ pick Wolfgang. And she didn settle canada goose kensington uk for both just because! She loves both Rajan and Wolfgang, thats why she cant but instead of making it a toxic love triangle (which people are so fond of for some reason?) they made them happy together as a triad.

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